Artist portfolio


Ilana Shir Reinshtein, active artist and creator, was born in Israel in 1954. She has worked many years in the fields of finance and the economy and in her after hours had developed herself as artist. She has studied drawing and painting from graduate artists of various academies. Ilana began her artistic way in 1986 through colorful pencil drawings of mostly inanimate nature and figures. As time passed, she had been exposed to many other drawing techniques. She had chosen to focus on Oil paintings and Aquarelles. Her drawings' subjects had turned to magical sceneries from different places in which she had visited both in Israel and around the world. Ilana’s scenery paintings are enriched by the unique textures and shades that clearly mark her work. That is how she succeeds in conveying an authentic feeling to the scenery in her paintings. As an artist, she always searches stimuli and techniques while aspiring to innovative breakthroughs that will add color and spark to her work. Ilana also paints modern and abstract paintings. In her abstracts, she fits the subjects of the painting, its colors and its forms to the room in which it's meant, according to the principles of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice that had had a great influence on her. Ilana was exposed recently to “net" prints. This technique made it easier for her to create new abstract and figurative paintings. In this technique she paints on both canvas and paper and each print is completely unique and exclusive even though the subject itself may be repeated. Ilana’s artistic perception does not come from academic studies but rather from her ability to connect to feelings and her intuition. Her leaning towards highly realistic figurative paintings, is influenced by the classic painters. Her paints in the most parts communicate the quiet peace of mind that reflects her way of life. Ilana is also a member of Bat-Yam's artists association.